MLM Business Plan

Uni Level MLM Plan

Many of the users think that this is a one level plan due to the name about this plan involves 2 to 10 levels in depth. One can add unlimited members in the first level and increase the width. The distributors can easily earn amazing results as the unilevel plans are attractive and easy for the companies. The user can earn returns as recruiting large group of members to the downline is easy and the growing downline allow distributors earn amazing profits.

Uni Level Plan

How Uni Level MLM Plan Works ?

Before getting into the Unilevel MLM Software, let's discuss what’s Unilevel compensation plan (or) Unilevel MLM Plan. The Unilevel MLM Plan allows you to sponsor only one line of distributors, so everyone you sponsor is on your forehead(i.e no spillover).There's no width limit on this plan and the commissions usually paid out at a specified level depth. In this plan, each member can recruit as many members in his downline. As there is no further restriction, you can build stronger and longer (length) network down the line.

The objective of this compensation plan is to recruit as many members of the team first and then line them even. Uni-level MLM plan is the simplest, purest and a clear-cut MLM structure. Apart from this, To make this plan more attractive New generation uniline plans dispense some additional bonus features also. While compared other MLM Plans, Uni-Level Plan is much easier to understand, so that time for explaining and the training this plan is comparatively less. Hence, the part-timers can also make benefit from this MLM plan.

Type of Commission In Uni Level Plan

Global MLM

Direct Sponsor Commission

All the member that is referred by you directly you will get paid. this give you more benefits becuase you can refer unlimited number of mebmer in your down line

Our MLM software helps in organising the bonus structure perfectly. These options add priceless value for this system.

Level Commission

Unilevel Level compensation plan is a type of bonuses where the top level distributors gain commission from the sales achieved by the down level distributors. Unilevel Plan may have unlimited direct downlines in the first level, and each downline members can have unlimited downlines under them. This Unilevel Plan makes unlimited commissions from sales by the members till nth level.

Unilevel MLM plan companies have different strategies to make their distributors happy by giving tremendous opportunities to earn unlimited income. This Unilevel Plan will help long term stability of MLM business also helps the wider reach of company reputation.

Rank Advancement Bonus

Rank advancement bonuses are also a common compensation in most of the Unilevel MLM Software. This bonus is paid to existing members when they turn eligible to the higher level or rank. This achievement will be the one time bonus. Some Unilevel MLM Plan companies have rank maintenance criteria. So the rank may get downgraded if a distributor does not meet the level hierarchy standards.

Based on the performance of the distributor, the business may introduce some additional allowances to them. These bonuses include House Rent Allowances, Higher Education Allowances, Car Maintenance Allowances, Child Education Allowances, Leave Travel Allowances, etc

Leadership Bonus Pool

The top ranked people of Unilevel MLM Compensation plans is eligible for additional benefits. To maintain the high leadership morale, most of the MLM companies will provide the leadership pool bonuses to the top-level leaders. The leadership pool will be a certain percentage of the yearly or quarterly sales. The portion of the leadership pool distributed to the top-level leaders based on their performance.

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